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Lost Cat Farm is a “teaching and learning” permaculture farm in process. The site consists of 18 acres of beautiful hilly pasture and forest with a 153-year-old farmhouse with two small barns. We enjoy a great view of the Schwangunk Ridge. We host affordable and accessible permaculture workshops and courses, and invite you to join us to grow our evolving regenerative homestead.

Winter 2013/14: We are in the process of observing and exploring this new land. We intend to map the land this coming winter so that we understand the soil and hydrology, have a feeling for what likes to grow here and can utilize the wild edible and medicinal plants and useful trees that grow here naturally. Last week we hosted a water and hydrology walk with Andrew Faust. (If you are interested in helping with this process, please contact us.)

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  • Forest Gardens
  • Annual Gardens
  • Goats (Deepening our relationship with our existing goat culture to nurture a more regenerative relationship with the land and their potential contribution.)
  • Chickens
  • Pasture management, silvoculture and coppicing.
  • Water storage, ponds and earthworks.
  • Local seasonal cuisine / Cheese making, Root Cellaring, Lacto-fermentation, Wild crafting, Medicinal herbs and healing.
  • Social Permaculture (nurture develop our relationship with students, interns, community and each other to deepen and develop paths for expression and contribution. 

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Joan Ewing and Wilton Duckworth are founders of Lost Cat Farm and co-founders of Green Phoenix Permaculture. Prior to moving to Lost Cat Farm, Wilton and Joan, lived for 8 years at Epworth Camp and Retreat Center developing a super-effcient timber-frame passive solar farm house, supporting annual gardens and perennial orchards/food forests, and running educational programming for children and adults. They are certified permaculture teachers and offer all that they can in a spirit of service and reverence for life.

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