In December 2011, we began work on this project. It was mostly complete by mid-March 2012. It cost less than $200 to build. The design was found on the internet. The frame consists of ½ inch electrical conduit bent to form a frame about 7 feet high, about 12 feet long and 5 feet wide. The frame is attached to 3/8 inch rebar driven into the ground.

The frame is covered with 6 mill clear polyethylene sheeting.The sheeting comes in 10 foot wide rolls. The rolls were attached to cover the greenhouse using 1x3 furring strips. The edges of the rolls were overlapped and then sandwiched between two furring strips which were screwed or nailed together.

At the back and front of the greenhouse, ten foot 4x4’s were buried three feet into the ground to form door and window frames. The most expensive component was the storm door at the front of the greenhouse which was purchased from a local building supply company. A small window at the back was created out of 1x3 strips and covered with screen and plastic.

Once completed in March 2012, gardeners immediately planted seeds in small containers and by June we had a variety of kale, lettuce, chard and other seedlings ready for planting outdoors in the garden. Inside the greenhouse we have one raised bed and a work table where we raise our seedlings. In case you’re wondering, the “greenhouse” effect really works! During the day we are often getting a 40 degree differential between inside and outside temperatures. We expect to be growing year around in the greenhouse. Stay posted to find out what our latest crops are.